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Contemporary Villas Comes to the Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol has an inordinate number of real estate agents, quite literally thousands, all making a valiant attempt to be all-things to all-people. The genius behind Contemporary Villas however spotted one product that was not being addressed by these mainstream providers – honest pure modern architecture. And having found the niche, Contemporary Villas was hatched to fill it.

Isolated pockets of modern architecture exist up and down the Costa del Sol although find themselves lost amongst a miscellany of pseudo-Andalucian villas dressed in varying degrees of terracotta. And, where modern architecture has been employed, perfect specimens are hard to come by as the owners have failed to pay enough attention to distribution, qualities and re-salability. This leaves the coastline with a lack of superior supply to meet a growing demand.

Society is changing. Whilst the Scandinavians and Germans were pioneers, the UK and Irish property investors are making a concerted effort to catch up and embrace modern design. Undoubtedly Channel 4’s almost cult television series, Grand Designs, has fuelled this hunger for all things contemporary and brought out the inner architect in many ordinary folk. The age bracket is also dropping, many younger buyers dipping their toes into buying abroad are much more interested in modern designs and as that demand grows a tipping point will be reached in the next three to five years. This is the time when Contemporary Villas’ niche market becomes a standard in style terms and a cultural shift in buying patterns will be observed.

Anti-ordinary property can also attract a higher price tag, especially whilst supply is limited. Research by Diseño Earle, Costa del Sol-based architects championing modern design and responsible for such icons as the Museum of Contemporary Art and Planning in Schenzhen, China, and the Venetian Resort Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, suggests that “modern properties can command up to 40% more profit due to demand outweighing supply in the Marbella area”. Music to any investor’s ears.

Contemporary Villas hasn’t just stuck a finger in the air and taken a punt on modern design, the business is based on fact, experience and on real demand. Southern Spain’s property market is changing and with all that sunlight flooding the landscape, where better for clean architectural lines.