Project Management Costa del Sol,Project Manager Costa del sol

Project Management

There can be nothing more fulfilling than to be involved in the construction of your own ideal property on the Costa del Sol in Spain. Seeing it grow from an initial idea, to a detailed drawing and then through to construction, decoration and handover is exceptionally rewarding. It need not be a frustrating experience of delayed works and going over-budget if you surround yourself with a professional team led by a Project Manager.

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What is a Project Manager?

The Project Manager is responsible for the overall planning, control and co-ordination of the project from inception to final completion, ensuring that the client's requirements of time and quality standards are met.

Why do I need a Project Manager?

A project manager will help you select an architect and guide you through the maze of which builder at what prices, what type of contracts, which consultants, planning, cost control, licenses, language barriers and culture differences etc.

"The Project Manager is your single point of contact"


He is specially trained to manage the various priorities which the individual parties involved in the project may have. It is important that these priorities are managed to the benefit of the client and their final aims.

Can I use any Manager?

The main difference between a normal manager and a Project Manager (apart from a list of qualifications) is that the Project Manager will have a start and end date as his constraints. A qualified Project Manager will be aware of the logistical problems involved in constructing a villa and is able to apply his knowledge and training to the financial and planning stages of the project. He will have the necessary tools and management expertise to properly control and lead the construction team throughout the lifetime of the project.

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